Premium Layers

Most static and live layers are broadcast at no charge to Geochrons with an active internet connection.  Premium Layers display information on the Geochron’s glittering 4K display that you want to know, and are refreshed frequently in real time. 

All Premium layers have a one-use trial period in new Geochrons, after which the layer can be delivered at a low subscription cost.

You’ll need to:

  • Have your Geochron Digital ON
  • Write down the PIN under the Premium tab in the menu.

Then, it’s pretty easy.

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Earthquake Premium Layer

See the Earth’s seismic activity appear on your Geochron in as little as 15 minutes.  This layer can be used on Version 2 and Atlas platforms.  Earthquakes are tracked geographically, by relative size, and by an adjacent log for up to 5 days after their occurrence.  An annual subscription to the Earthquake Premium Layer is $19.99.

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Ham Radio Bundle

A vast real-time workspace specifically for Ham Radio, showing DX cluster and beacon activity, solar and ionospheric conditions, MUF, your uploaded ADIF call logs, and AMSAT satellites. Of course, your callsign is prominently displayed on the Geochron and over our detailed mapsets.

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