Mechanical Trade-in Program


Trade In Program: CLOSED as of 01/15/2023

To be notified of future trade-in programs, please send an email to [email protected]

Geochron will provide a free Atlas 1 (open box), or 75% off a new Atlas 2 in exchange for a non-working Geochron Mechanical World Clock built after 1972.  You need to have your original shipping container and ship your Geochron directly to our shop.  Please contact us for details before you send it.

We always accept old Geochrons that are broken.  Please contact us if you have an aging Geochron you’d like to donate.

Your old clock can be made new again for a school, a charitable purpose, or as a Factory Restored Geochron.


  • The glass can be broken, and map torn.
  • The frame and panel can not be bent or damaged.
  • Clocks built before 1973 are ineligible for this offer.  They are too old to fix.
  • Please include this form.

If you have any questions about these, please give us a call before 4pm PST at 800-342-1661, or email us [email protected].