A Timepiece. A Masterpiece.

The Geochron continues to be a symbol of American-made engineering for more than 50 years, and now in the digital age.

Authorized Dealers

We have a worldwide network of Authorized Geochron dealers. To locate a dealer near you, please check below to find the dealer nearest you.

US Dealers

Company Address City State Zip Web Site Phone Email
Ham Radio Outlet 10613 N. 43rd Ave. Phoenix AZ 85029 www.hamradio.com 602-242-3515 phoenix@hamradio.com
Ham Radio Outlet 933 N. Euclid St. Anaheim CA 92801 www.hamradiooutlet.com 714-533-7373 anaheim@hamradiooutlet.com
Ham Radio Outlet 110 Tampico Suite 110 Walnut Creek CA 94598 www.hamradio.com 925-933-1771 luke@hamradio.com
Elegance in Time 1610 North Tustin Ave Orange CA 92867 www.eleganceintime.com 714-921-8397 eit1201@sbcglobal.net
Ham Radio Outlet 510 Lawrence Expy. #102 Sunnyvale CA 94085 www.hamradio.com 408-736-9496 sunnyvale@hamradio.com
Ham Radio Outlet 2210 Livingston St Oakland CA 94606 www.hamradio.com 510-534-5757 oakland@hamradio.com
Ham Radio Outlet 5375 Kearny Villa San Diego CA 92123 www.hamradio.com 858-560-4900 sandiego@hamradio.com
Ham Radio Outlet 1525 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank CA 91506 www.hamradio.com 818-842-1786 burbank@hamradio.com
GeoMart 120 22nd Ave S #308 Brookings SD 57006 www.geomart.com 800-248-6277 sales@geomart.com
Ham Radio Outlet 8400 E. Iliff Ave #9 Denver CO 80231 www.hamradio.com 303-745-7373 denver@hamradio.com
Ham Radio Outlet 1509 N. Dupont Hwy #7 New Castle DE 19720 www.hamradio.com 302-322-7092 newcastle@hamradio.com
Bluewater Books and Charts 1811 Cordova Road Fort Lauderdale FL 33316 www.bluewaterweb.com  800-942-2583 webmaster@bluewaterweb.com
Swiftmaps and Graphics Inc. 7151 121st Avenue N. Largo FL 33773 www.swiftmaps.com 727-498-4730 customerservice@swiftmaps.com
Ham Radio Outlet 6071 Buford Highway Atlanta GA 30340 www.hamradio.com 770-263-0700 atlanta@hamradio.com
One Stop Travel Shop 101 W Kirkwood Ave Bloomington IN 47404 www.1ststoptravelstore.com 812-333-2772 Traveler@1ststoptravelstore.com
Wayfair 800 Boylston Street, Ste 1600 Boston MA 02199 www.wayfair.com 617-880-8329  
Company  7 Box 2587 Montpelier MD 20709 www.company7.com 301-604-2500 info@company7.com
MMI Corporation 2950 Wyman Parkway Baltimore MD 21211 www.mmicorporation.com 410-366-1222 mail@mmicorporation.com
The Map Shop 1500 E. Morehead St. Charlotte NC 28207 www.mapshop.com 704-332-5557 mapguy@mapshop.com
Ham Radio Outlet 224N. Brodway Ste. D12 Salem NH 03079 www.hamradio.com 603-898-3750 salem@hamradio.com
Garrett’s Clock Sales 42 Old Camplain Rd Hillsborough NJ 08844 www.officeclocks.com 877-514-9442 garrett@officeclocks.com
Ham Radio Outlet 11705 S.W. Pacific Hwy. Suite “Z” Portland OR 97223 www.hamradio.com 503-598-0555 portland@hamradio.com
Geochron Factory 13851 Beavercreek Rd., C-103 Oregon City OR 97045 geochron.com 800-342-1661 sales@geochron.com
Ham Radio Outlet 701 E. Plano Parkway Plano TX 75074 www.hamradio.com 972-424-6219 texas@hamradio.com
Ham Radio Outlet 14803 Build America Dr. Building B Woodbridge VA 22191 www.hamradio.com 703-643-1063 woodbridge@hamradio.com
ATG Stores 11410 NE 122nd Way Ste 200 Kirkland WA 98033 www.atgstores.com 425-814-2515 bnelson@atgstores.com
Metsker Maps of Seattle 1511 First Avenue Seattle WA 98101 www.metskers.com 206-623-8747 sales@metskers.com


Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   10613 N. 43rd Ave.

City/State/Zip:   Phoenix, AZ  85029

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   602-242-3515

Email:   phoenix@hamradio.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   933 N. Euclid St.

City/State/Zip:   Anaheim, CA  92801

Web Site:   www.hamradiooutlet.com

Phone:   714-533-7373

Email:   anaheim@hamradiooutlet.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   110 Tampico Suite 110

City/State/Zip:   Walnut Creek, CA  94598

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   925-933-1771

Email:   luke@hamradio.com

Elegance in Time

Address:   1610 North Tustin Ave

City/State/Zip:   Orange, CA  92867

Web Site:   www.eleganceintime.com

Phone:   714-921-8397

Email:   eit1201@sbcglobal.net

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   510 Lawrence Expy. #102

City/State/Zip:   Sunnyvale, CA  94085

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   408-736-9496

Email:   sunnyvale@hamradio.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   2210 Livingston St

City/State/Zip:   Oakland, CA  94606

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   510-534-5757

Email:   oakland@hamradio.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   5375 Kearny Villa

City/State/Zip:   San Diego, CA  92123

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   858-560-4900

Email:   sandiego@hamradio.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   1525 W. Magnolia Blvd.

City/State/Zip:   Burbank, CA  91506

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   818-842-1786

Email:   burbank@hamradio.com


Address:   120 22nd Ave S #308

City/State/Zip:   Brookings, SD  57006

Web Site:   www.geomart.com

Phone:   800-248-6277

Email:   sales@geomart.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   8400 E. Iliff Ave #9

City/State/Zip:   Denver, CO  80231

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   303-745-7373

Email:   denver@hamradio.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   1509 N. Dupont Hwy #7

City/State/Zip:   New Castle, DE  19720

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   302-322-7092

Email:   newcastle@hamradio.com

Bluewater Books and Charts

Address:   1811 Cordova Road

City/State/Zip:   Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Web Site:   www.bluewaterweb.com 

Phone:   800-942-2583

Email:   webmaster@bluewaterweb.com

Swiftmaps and Graphics Inc.

Address:   7151 121st Avenue N.

City/State/Zip:   Largo, FL 33773

Web Site:   www.swiftmaps.com

Phone:   727-498-4730

Email:   customerservice@swiftmaps.com

Chomko LA

Address:   8097-B Roswell Rd

City/State/Zip:   Atlanta, GA 30350

Web Site:   www.chomkola.com

Phone:   404-334-0202

Email:   nickc@chomkola.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   6071 Buford Highway

City/State/Zip:   Atlanta, GA 30340

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   770-263-0700

Email:   atlanta@hamradio.com

One Stop Travel Shop

Address:   101 W Kirkwood Ave

City/State/Zip:   Bloomington,IN 47404

Web Site:   www.1ststoptravelstore.com

Phone:   812-333-2772

Email:   Traveler@1ststoptravelstore.com




Address:   800 Boylston Street, Ste 1600

City/State/Zip:   Boston, MA 02199

Web Site:   www.wayfair.com

Phone:   617-880-8329


Company 7

Address:   Box 2587

City/State/Zip:   Montpelier, MD 20709

Web Site:   www.company7.com

Phone:   301-604-2500

Email:   info@company7.com

MMI Corporation

Address:   2950 Wyman Parkway

City/State/Zip:   Baltimore, MD 21211

Web Site:   www.mmicorporation.com

Phone:   410-366-1222

Email:   mail@mmicorporation.com

The Map Shop

Address:   1500 E. Morehead St.

City/State/Zip:   Charlotte, NC 28207

Web Site:   www.mapshop.com

Phone:   704-332-5557

Email:   mapguy@mapshop.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   224N. Brodway Ste. D12

City/State/Zip:   Salem, NH 03079

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   603-898-3750

Email:   salem@hamradio.com



Garrett’s Clock Sales

Address:   42 Old Camplain Rd

City/State/Zip:   Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Web Site:   www.officeclocks.com

Phone:   877-514-9442

Email:   garrett@officeclocks.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   11705 S.W. Pacific Hwy. Suite “Z”

City/State/Zip:   Portland, OR 97223

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   503-598-0555

Email:   portland@hamradio.com

Geochron Factory

Address:   13851 Beavercreek Rd., C-103

City/State/Zip:   Oregon City, OR 97045

Web Site:   geochron.com

Phone:   800-342-1661

Email:   sales@geochron.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   701 E. Plano Parkway

City/State/Zip:   Plano, TX 75074

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   972-424-6219

Email:   texas@hamradio.com

Ham Radio Outlet

Address:   14803 Build America Dr. Building B

City/State/Zip:   Woodbridge, VA 22191

Web Site:   www.hamradio.com

Phone:   703-643-1063

Email:   woodbridge@hamradio.com

ATG Stores

Address:   11410 NE 122nd Way Ste 200

City/State/Zip:   Kirkland, WA 98033

Web Site:   www.atgstores.com

Phone:   425-814-2515

Email:   bnelson@atgstores.com

Metsker Maps of Seattle

Address:   1511 First Avenue

City/State/Zip:   Seattle, WA 98101

Web Site:   www.metskers.com

Phone:   206-623-8747

Email:   sales@metskers.com

International Dealers

Company Address City Zip Country Web Site Phone Email
Cuckoo Corner Australia Blackforest World Trading Co Unanderra NSW 2535 Australia cuckoo-clocks.com 14 595 602 560 frankcastagna@hotmail.com
Map Centre Parramatta 440 Church Street North Parramatta NSW 2151 Australia mapcentre.com.au +61 2 9890 2080 mapcentre@bigpond.com
Map World 280 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia mapworld.net.au +61 (02) 9261 3601 sydney@mapworld.com.au
Mapworld Services 2000 101 6th Ave S.W. Calgary T2P 3P4 Canada mapworld.ca 403-294-0393 mapworld@telusplanet.net
Radioworld 4335 Steeles Ave West Toronto M3N 1V7 Canada radioworld.ca 416-667-1000 sales@radioworld.ca
World of Maps Inc. 1235 Wellington Street Ottawa K1Y 3A3 Canada worldofmaps.com 613-724-6776 info@worldofmaps.com
Globes-and-Maps.com nimax GmbH Otto-Lilienthal-Str. 9 Landsberg a. Lech 86899 Deutschland / Germany globes-and-maps.com +49-8191-94049-63 service@globes-and-maps.com
Difona Communication GmbH Sprendlinger Landstr. 76 Offenbach am Main 63069 Germany https://difona.de/de/ 069 846584 difona@difona.de
Contrigest S.R.L. Corso Svizzera 30 Torino 10143 Italy www.contrigest.it +39 011 4345590 guido.massucco@contrigest.it
Copy Tecnica Piazza Statuto 22 SCHIO VICENZA 36015 Italy www.copytecnica.it +39 011 0445 523 900 info@copytecnica.it
TecSol 514 Wada-cho Higashi-ku Hamamatsu-shi Shizuoka 435-0016 Japan tec-sol.com +81 53 468 1201 suzuki@tec-sol.com
Map World (New Z) 173 Gloucester St Christchurch 8031 New Zealand mapworld.co.nz +64 3374 5399 info@mapworld.co.nz
Purple Zebra Products Ltd Vale Park Industrial Estate, Tolpits Lane Watford WD18 9QP UK, Ireland, FR geochron.co.uk +44(0) 1923 777477 info@geochron.co.uk

Cuckoo Corner Australia

Address:   Blackforest World Trading Co

City:   Unanderra

Zip:   NSW 2535

Country:   Australia

Web Site:   www.cuckoo-clocks.com

Phone:   14 595 602 560

Email:   frankcastagna@hotmail.com

Map Centre Parramatta

Address:   440 Church Street

City:   North Parramatta

Zip:   NSW 2151

Country:   Australia

Web Site:   www.mapcentre.com.au

Phone:   +61 2 9890 2080

Email:   mapcentre@bigpond.com

Map World

Address:   280 Pitt Street

City:   Sydney

Zip:   NSW 2000

Country:   Australia

Web Site:   www.mapworld.net.au

Phone:   +61 (02) 9261 3601

Email:   sydney@mapworld.com.au

Mapworld Services 2000

Address:   101 6th Ave S.W.

City:   Calgary

Zip:   T2P 3P4

Country:   Canada

Web Site:   www.mapworld.ca

Phone:   403-294-0393

Email:   mapworld@telusplanet.net


Address:   4335 Steeles Ave West

City:   Toronto

Zip:   M3N 1V7

Country:   Canada

Web Site:   www.radioworld.ca

Phone:   416-667-1000

Email:   sales@radioworld.ca

World of Maps Inc.

Address:   1235 Wellington Street

City:   Ottawa

Zip:   K1Y 3A3

Country:   Canada

Web Site:   www.worldofmaps.com

Phone:   613-724-6776

Email:   info@worldofmaps.com

Globes-and-Maps.com nimax GmbH

Address:   Otto-Lilienthal-Str. 9

City:   Landsberg a. Lech

Zip:   86899

Country:   Deutschland / Germany

Web Site:   www.globes-and-maps.com

Phone:   +49-8191-94049-63

Email:   service@globes-and-maps.com


Address:   Astrocom GmbH

City:   Martinsried

Zip:   D-82152

Country:   Germany

Web Site:   www.astrocom.de

Phone:   +49 089 858366-0

Email:   mc@astrocom.de

Contrigest S.R.L.

Address:   Corso Svizzera 30

City:   Torino

Zip:   10143

Country:   Italy

Web Site:   www.contrigest.it

Phone:   +39 011 4345590

Email:   guido.massucco@contrigest.it

Copy Tecnica

Address:   Piazza Stauto 22 C.P. 159


Zip:   36015

Country:   Italy

Web Site:   www.copytecnica.it

Phone:   +39 011 0445 523 900

Email:   info@copytecnica.it


Address:   514 Wada-cho Higashi-ku

City:   Hamamatsu-shi Shizuoka

Zip:   435-0016

Country:   Japan

Web Site:   www.tec-sol.com

Phone:   +81 53 468 1201

Email:   suzuki@tec-sol.com

Map World (New Z)

Address:   173 Gloucester St

City:   Christchurch

Zip:   8031

Country:   New Zealand

Web Site:   www.mapworld.co.nz

Phone:   +64 3374 5399

Email:   info@mapworld.co.nz

Purple Zebra Products Ltd

Address:   Vale Park Industrial Estate, Tolpits Lane

City:   Watford

Zip:   WD18 9QP

Country:   UK, Ireland

Web Site:   www.geochron.co.uk

Phone:   +44(0) 1923 777477

Email:   info@geochron.co.uk

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