As of February 2022, the delivery time for any new clock order is 30 days.
This is the clock that started it all in 1964, and continues to grace fine homes and businesses with elegance you'll never get from a computer screen. 30,000 world clocks later, it's been updated to better mapsets, panel options, and magnetic drives for the utmost in durability.
Geochron Models

Boardroom Edition

A Geochron Boardroom Edition with Hickory finish, Gold trim, and a Premium Geopolitical mapset

With every option, this beautiful clock says, “We have a Geochron.”
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Anodized Edition

A Geochron Anodized, with Black finish, Silver trim, and a Premium Topographical mapset.

An aluminum finish, available in black and satin.
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Real Wood Edition

A Geochron Real Wood Veneer, with a Walnut panel, Black trim, and a Premium Combo mapset.

Enjoy the depth and lustre of a custom wood panel to match your decor.
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Factory Special

A Geochron restored to new condition.
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Legacy and Limited-Run Specialty Clocks

Explore the Limited Edition, Luxury Live Edge, Stainless Steel, and Ham Radio clocks. There’s a perfect Geochron for you.