This is the clock that started it all in 1964, and continues to grace fine homes and businesses with elegance you'll never get from a computer screen. 30,000 world clocks later, it's been updated to better mapsets, panel options, and magnetic drives for the utmost in durability.
Geochron Models

Boardroom Edition

A Geochron Boardroom Edition with Hickory finish, Gold trim, and a Premium Geopolitical mapset

With every option, this beautiful clock says, “We have a Geochron.”
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Anodized Edition

A Geochron Anodized, with Black finish, Silver trim, and a Premium Topographical mapset.

An aluminum finish, available in black and satin.
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Real Wood Edition

A Geochron Real Wood Veneer, with a Walnut panel, Black trim, and a Premium Combo mapset.

Enjoy the depth and lustre of a custom wood panel to match your decor.
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Kilburg Original

A Geochron Kilburg Original, with a Black Goatskin panel, Silver trim, and a Topographical mapset.

The most affordable best-seller for 50 years.
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Stainless Steel

A brushed stainless steel finish.
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Restored Clocks

A 3D rendered cut-away view of a Geochron clock, showing its internal mechanisms.

A fully rebuilt clock with the panel of your choice.
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Legacy and Limited-Run Specialty Clocks

Explore the Limited Edition, Luxury Live Edge, and Ham Radio clocks. There’s a perfect Geochron for you.