Mechanical Service & Support

Restorations for Mechanical Geochrons

About half of the work we do at our shop in Oregon is restoring Geochrons to their original beauty and operation.  Actually, we make them better!  Your Geochron will be returned in like-new condition – completely disassembled and restored.

You’ll need the original box to ship it, or get a repair carton system from us.

The Machinery

All restorations will include the new Dura Drive technology.   The Dura Drive uses modern technology, less power, and effectively doubles the life expectancy of our clock.  Read more about Dura Drive here

A restoration is a full reconstruction, improving the clock to:

  • Current mapsets: topographical or geopolitical.
  • Replacing any and all components to a like-new condition.
  • Front panel and glass refurbishment.
  • Replacing the drive train to the sturdy Dura Drive system.
  • A three year manufacturer’s warranty on drive train, and one year warranty on all else.

For adventurous Do-It-Yourself folks we can send parts, but don’t generally recommend it. Call us.  800-342-1661

All the details on our Restoration Program can be found here.

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Display Upgrade Options

LED Lighting System

All new Geochrons use an LED Lighting System, and we can upgrade your Geochron to the LED Lighting System.  We don’t need the whole clock – just the lighting tracks.  Details on the LED Lighting System can be found here.

Sunlit Analemma

Instead of a shadow representing the sun’s position on the analemma, restored clocks can be upgraded with a Sunlit LED Analemma, which turns the sun into a bright yellow jewel in the center of the map.  Details on the Sunlit LED Analemma can be found here.

Dimmable LED Lighting System with Remote Control

Set the brightness of the clock to your preference, not just on or off.   Details are here.

All the details on our Restoration Program can be found here.


Trade-in Program

If you’ve found a Geochron that is in disrepair, we’d love to give it a new life by exchanging it for a 15% discount on any single item on our website. We’ll restore it on our dime for a school, a charitable gift, or as a factory restored clock. Details on our Trade-in Program are here.

More Support

Over the course of a Geochron’s life, you may want to switch from a surface mounting on the wall to a flush mounting in your office, or the instructions for setting your Geochron may have been lost, or you may need to replace the bulbs but can’t remember the procedure.   For help with these go to our Support Documents, or call us at 800-342-1661.  We like to talk.


Service in the United States

The only Service Center in the United States is the same machine shop where new clocks are made: for worldwide distribution, in Portland, Oregon.   We are “Geochron Actual”, and you are welcome to call us at 800-342-1661, 8:00 – 4:00 PST Monday through Friday, or email us here.

International Service

For international service centers, please view our Authorized International Service Centers list.

Restoration Warranty Information

Warranty Terms for new clocks and restorations: – Before 11/15/2016: One year. – After 11/15/2016: Three years on motors and gears. One year for all else. Out of warranty for 2015 and 2016 clocks with failed motors: – Parts and labor are covered. – Shipping paid for by customer. Must have a Geochron shipping container. Please ask to use our UPS Shipping discount.

Legacy Lighting System

Fluorescent Magnetic Ballast Upgrade

On July 2010, the Geochron (North American units) light fixtures were upgraded from magnetic to electronic ballasts. The benefits from this change are:

  • longer lasting ballasts
  • use less power

The entire light fixtures for instance can be upgraded by just sending in the fixtures themselves. The process costs $90.00. All shipping costs are based on the distance from the factory and the method of shipping. To order please call 1-800-342-1661 or contact us.

Download: Return Authorization Form for Electronic Ballast Upgrade

Bulb Replacement

To check which replacement bulb you need and to place an order, head here.

100’s of Tiny Parts

Too numerous to list here, this would include sun shades, gears of all shapes and sizes, screws and washers.  For the adventurous do it yourselfer, those parts are neatly organized in our shop.  Take a picture of what you need, and contact us.

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