A Timepiece. A Masterpiece.

The Geochron continues to be a symbol of American-made engineering for more than 50 years, and now in the digital age.

LED Upgrade

LED Upgrade Lighting System for existing clocks

All new Kilburg and Boardroom Geochrons are built around an LED Lighting System, and it’s easy to upgrade your Geochron to an LED Lighting System by sending us your light tracks.

Send in your light tracks to be rebuilt for LED for $225

  • Download and fill the Return Authorization Form Light Track Upgrade form.  Include credit card information.
  • Remove (video) the two light tracks from the Geochron clock.  Remove the fluorescent bulbs.
  • Put the Form and the light tracks in a box, and send it to us here.
  • We’ll rebuild your light tracks for the LED Lighting System and mail them back to you for $225.   Your card will be charged when the light tracks are mailed to you.
  • This type of upgrade is not compatible with our Dimmable LED Lighting System.  We need the whole clock for that.
  • You can always call with questions.  We like getting phone calls!  800-342-1661 (8:00am-4:00pm PST)

Return Authorization Form for LED Lighting System Upgrade

Add an LED Lighting System as part of a Rebuild

All new Geochrons come with an LED Lighting System

  • Buy a new Geochron: All new Geochron Kilburg and Boardrooms are built around the new LED lighting system.
  • Exception: Standard Geochron clocks, and Ham Radio DX Engineering clocks – without the minute dial – have fluorescent lighting.

Why an LED Lighting System?

Deeper Colors and Better Depth: When we made a prototype in the shop with LED lighting system we discovered something else, the colors on the map look brighter, and have a greater depth.  Now, maybe it’s just us because we live with these clocks, but we think you’ll see a difference in these photos.

Energy Savings: An LED lighting system will reduce its energy consumption by about 60%, to 17 watts… about one incandescent chandelier bulb!

Longer life for the Geochron machinery: Fluorescent lighting systems generate heat, and a Geochron at 90 degrees v. room temperature will cause the 300 moving parts in the Geochron break down faster.  For example: The blue polyurethane shades that create the sun’s termination line literally bake and crack from the heat over time.  Several years ago, we started using thicker shades, but LED lighting will keep the inside of the Geochron at room temperature, and the non-metal components inside will last longer.

Longer Life: LED elements burn four times longer, and we estimate your Geochron will burn continuously for six or seven years before the LED elements are easily replaced.

The blue shades create the Terminator Line. 400 parts assembled by hand.

Can I just order the bulbs?

The tracks have to be re wired and modified structurally, so put an LED bulb in without these modifications from the factory and it won’t work.  If you need a replacement LED Bulb, check out our parts page.

Does my Geochron have Fluorescent Lighting?

All Geochrons built before May 20th, 2015 have fluorescent bulbs… except one: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena retrofitted their Geochron with an LED lighting system in 2014.  Those guys are smart.


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