A Timepiece. A Masterpiece.

The Geochron continues to be a symbol of American-made engineering for more than 50 years, and now in the digital age.

Dura Drive System

The Dura Drive System

Introducing the most radical improvement to the Geochron in 50 years: Dura Drive. The Dura Drive is a new hardware update for the motors, gears, and linkages that run the Geochron.

All new clocks and rebuilds after November 2016 will be fitted with the Dura Drive, and come with a three year warranty on the drive train itself.

Dura Drive Improvements:

  • Creates the most reliable Geochron ever made.
  • Triples the drive train warranty of rebuilds and new clocks to three years, no one year.
  • Adds digital accuracy to all clock movements.
  • Reduces power consumption by 30% to just 14 watts @ 110 volts.
  • Replaces old and hard-to-find AC Synchrotron motors.
  • Adds a switching power supply for 110 – 220v, and 50 or 60hz power sources. (USA Plug, unless specified)
  • Is compatible with our LED lighting system, and dimmable remote control.

The Backstory

Until November of 2016, the Geochron had been driven by two AC Synchrotron motors. The calendar band, sun shades, mapset, and minute dial moved in sync with each other through delicate custom gearboxes. It was elegant, but also a piece of history. New technology is more durable, and the AC Synchrotrons themselves were getting difficult to find in the quantity and quality that our shop needed.

In late 2015, the single US vendor that had provided these motors to us for over 50 years began to phase the motors out with the retirement of a key employee who knew how to build them. At the same time, an engineer – himself a Geochron owner – wanted to help us update the aging drive train. Together we built a new digital mechanism to drive sturdy magnetic motors, and engineered the most reliable Geochron ever made.


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