Geochron Digital Upgrade Options

From our very first 100 Geochron Digitals (model X5) to our fastest hardware today, we try to make our newest features backwards compatible.  But eventually old hardware cannot run the newest features, and Version 2 Geochrons will never be as fast as the Atlas.

If you have an older Geochron Digital, here are our current options to upgrade it to a newer or brand new unit. 

Upgrade your Geochron Digital Version 1 to Version 2

Version 1 does not have Satellite weather, or any layer improvements after January 2020.  As of April 2021, a Version 2 can handle all the newest layers, but the Version 2 hardware will be unable to handle our current layers under development.

Upgrades to your Version 1 device can be done at our factory for just $99, which includes shipping back to you within the US.  Just send us your device and we’ll install Version 2 for you within 1-2 weeks.  All your settings will be retained.

Please note:

A First Generation Geochron Digital that could be running V1 software

  • Shipping to us is YOUR responsibility.
  • Return shipping to you is OUR responsibility.
  • We only need the device. No accessories please!
  • This is not a replacement. Your original Geochron will be sent back, but upgraded.
  • This upgrade only applies to First Generation Geochron Digitals, not to the Geochron Digital Atlas 1 or Geochron Digital Atlas 2.  All Atlases have Version 2 software installed by default.
  • Layers deployed after 2020 (Earthquake and Ham Radio) are not compatible with Version 1 or Version 2 Geochrons.  The processing required for is simply too much for the Geochron Version 1 or Version 2.  New feature layers will only work on newer Atlas models.    
  • If you are unsure if this applies to you, feel free to contact us to make sure!

Frequently Asked Questions
Click to upgrade from Version 1 to Version 2


Upgrade from Version 2 to Atlas 2

An Atlas, now available at a discount when trading in your V2

The Atlas is our newest hardware platform, as of April 2020.  Based on an Intel quad-core processor, it is undoubtedly faster, more stable, and all future software improvements will be written for the Atlas hardware group. 

If you are frustrated by stuttering seconds or lag as the Version 2 attempts to keep up with our new Live Layers, the Atlas 2 is a big improvement.

Geochron wants you to enjoy the upcoming layers!  Brand-new Atlas 2s are available on our website here.

If you would like to trade-in your old Version 2 for a brand-new Atlas 2:

  • Get an online discount of 10% on a brand-new Atlas 2 with your Version 2 trade in.
  • Offer for USA only. Shipping not included.
  • Coupon is only for digital products through, and cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Coupons are delivered after the trade-in is received.
  • To trade-in, please contact us directly so we can register you in our trade-in system and give you the correct address.

Contact us for a 10% coupon with your Version 2 exchange

Upgrade from Atlas 1 to Atlas 2

An Atlas 2, our newest hardware platform

As of March 2021, the Atlas 2 is our flagship model. 

The Atlas 1 and Atlas 2 are nearly identical, but the Atlas 2 has more memory and a faster processor than Atlas 1, roughly 50% faster menu operations than Atlas 1, and very fast rendering speeds on the map.   The Atlas 2 is also slightly larger than the Atlas 1.

The Atlas 2 is available at our fine dealers, and on our website.

If you would like to trade-in your old Atlas 1 for a new Atlas 2:

  • Get an online discount of $150 on a new Atlas 2 with your Atlas 1 trade-in.
  • Trade-ins must be USA only, and in resalable condition.
  • Coupons are only for digital products through, and cannot be used with any other offers.
  • Coupons are delivered after the trade-in is received.
  • To trade-in, please contact us directly for a shipping address and online coupon.

Contact us for a $150 coupon with your Atlas 1 exchange

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