As of October 2022, we have used different hardware platforms for the Geochron software

What live layers can each do?

FeatureVersion 1&2Atlas 1Atlas 2a&b
ISS videononoyes
Ham Radio Bundlenoyesyes
Satellite weatheryesyesyes

What will happen in the future?

Our newest model will be the fastest. New features may not be backwards compatible.

Deep Dive: The Atlas hardware uses faster Intel processors and more memory to increase performance and overall stability compared to Atlas 1. In our tests, it’s about 40% faster in all operations.

Geochron will continue to maintain our live data feed of the layers that were available at the point of purchase to Version 2, Atlas 1, and Atlas 2 units.

Identifying an Atlas

This is an Atlas 1
This is an Atlas 2a.
This is an Atlas 2b.
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