Support Documents

As of January 2023, Geochron has started a waitlist for mechanical clocks needing restoration or repair. For more details, click here.

How to Set the Geochron

It could be two years since you’ve last set the Geochron and the power has gone out, this document will help you get your Geochron in synchronization with the world again.
Download How to Set the Geochron

Mounting Diagrams

Surface Mounting Diagram

This mounting bracket is standard for all Geochrons and is included with each new unit. It is used to place the unit on and against the wall.
Download Surface Mount Instructions

Flush Mounting Diagram

This mounting bracket is used for placing any one of the units inside the wall, therefore bringing the front panel flush with the wall. It is included with each new Boardroom Model.
Download Flush Mount Instructions

Replacing the Mapset

The Map on a Geochron is six feet long, and requires partial disassembly of the clock to replace.   Typically, this is done by our technicians at the shop.

Download Mapset Replacement Instructions

Legacy Lighting Troubleshooting Guide

There are three replaceable parts in lighting the Geochron; the starters, ballasts, and the fluorescent lamps. Procedures for replacing and trouble shooting are in this guide.
Download Lighting Troubleshooting Guide

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