All 25 of the Earth Limited Edition Geochrons have been sold!

In the first week of November 2017, Geochron rolled out the Limited Edition of 25: Geochron Earth.  This was our most premium clock at the time, featuring:

  • A new Geochron Earth mapset developed like a photograph, not printed. Rich photographic quality with no pixelization.
  • 68 points of interest directly on the map, encompassing Oceanic, Terrestrial, and Human impacts.
  • A Laser-etched anodized front panel showing the solar system, planets, and orbital paths with key planetary data. 
  • Customized placard showing XX of 25, and the customer’s name or message etched into the front of the clock. 


Framed by the Solar System

Geochron Earth framed this beautiful photographic map in our most elegant panel yet, showing our solar system’s planets and orbital paths laser etched into anodized black aluminum.  The inner-ring planets were screen printed by color on the panel; But the orbital paths made by environmental and celestial data of the planet they hold in orbit, like

  • Astronomical Units (AU) from the Sun
  • Mean wind and temperature of the planet
  • Size, moons, orbital time as compared to Earth
Planet_CloseupMARS: AU = 1.38, SUN = ½ OF EARTH, C = 12.6 MINUTES, MARTIAN YEAR = 686.98 DAYS, AR = 1.03 DAYS, 0.17 G…

A Developed, Photographic Mapset

Geochron Earth was the first Geochron with a Premium mapset, developed like a photograph and not printed.  Notice how the Geochron Earth mapset shows no pixelization, and its colors were deeper than any other Geochron before it.  The depth of the color palate also diffuses the dimmable LED backlights better than ever before.

Earth comparison - EU - web

Ocean and Earth Contours Combined

Geochron Earth was the first Geochron to utilize a Premium mapset, combining the best features of our Topographical and Geopolitical maps, showing the contours of the Oceans within the Geopolitical spectrum of countries.  The great mountain ranges of the sea were shown along side the peaks upon the land.

Earth comparison - Carribean - web

Points of Interest around the Earth

Geochron Earth’s Premium mapsets were the first to add 68 points of interest around the world, separated into three mapsets: Human, Terrestrial, and Oceanic.  From the legend on each of the three maps within the clock, you’ll see points like:

  • Oceanic points of interest like the five greatest coral reefs, major shipwrecks, and the highest concentration of Blue Whales
  • Terrestrial points like largest organism, highest biodiversity, and temperature extremes.
  • Human points like space ports, most polluted cities, largest battle, and nuclear accidents (shown below).

Legend detail - web

Certificate of Authenticity

Each Geochron Earth Limited Edition clock included a Certificate of Authenticity signed by every hand that worked on the clock, five in all.

Plus Geochron’s Best Lighting Options

The Geochron Earth Limited Edition also included the best features of our premium clocks: Dimmable LED Lighting, and a glowing sunlit analemma in the center of the map – showing the sun’s relative position at high noon on a 365 year cycle.

Only 25

The Geochron Earth was just limited to 25 clocks, each serialized with XX of 25 on the front panel, along with the customer’s name.

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