Ham Radio Premium Bundle

Starting with the tradition of our mechanical clock’s Grey Line, the Ham Radio Premium Bundle takes planet-wide ionospheric conditions and RF to another level in real-time.

Geochron’s Ham Radio Premium Bundle is only available for Atlas platforms.

DX Cluster and Beacon Activity

Watch global DX and Reverse Beacon traffic traffic by band for traffic in real-time.  Up to 12 hours of history by LF, HF, UHF, and VHF bands.  Shown with or without callsigns within maidenhead grids.  Filter by callsign, or by country ID.  Updated every 10 minutes.

Solar and Ionospheric Conditions

Review on-screen widgets showing Solar-Terrestrial data, HF and VHF open/close conditions, geomagnetic, solar flare, and aurora forecast.

Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF)

On-screen topographical and color heat-map profile of Maximum Usable Frequencies around the world, showing the highest frequency available using ionospheric skip propagation using predictive models from NOAA and the Lowell Global Ionospheric Radio Observatory.

ADIF Log, QRZ Sync, and Callsign

Upload your ADIF call log to display up to 1,000 historical contacts by band and history.  Prominently display your callsign on the map above our logo. Want to link your QRZ Logbook? Follow these steps: https://www.geochron.com/uncategorized/qrz-logbook-link-help/.

AMSAT Satellites

Real-time location, elevation, and speed of linear and FM satellites with selectable line-of-sight footprint on the map.

Just way too much data

Each layer can be operated independently, or simultaneously for a mind-blowing display of real-time Ham Radio conditions.

Activate Premium Ham Radio Bundle now

Geochron’s Ham Radio Bundle has a five day free trial enabled in the Menu of your Geochron Atlas.

This is a premium bundle.

Monthly: $6.99
Annually: $69.99
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