ISS Live Earth View

You’ve seen the ISS orbit the earth every 90 minutes, and with the ISS Live Earth View you can see what the ISS sees – a blue marble in the heavens. 

Geochron’s ISS Live Earth View is only available for Atlas 2 platforms. How can I tell the difference?

Live from the International Space Station

What would you see as the Earth passed by 17,000 mph? A live digital stream from the ISS is delivered to the maps of your Geochron, about 30 seconds after it hits the lens of the Earth view camera on the International Space Station.

Spot Human and Natural Wonders

Use the ISS orbital trail on the Geochron to identify landmarks as they pass by.  Volcanoes, mountains, rivers, metropolitan areas, and especially cloud formations.  Anything you could see from orbit, you’ll see on the ISS Live Earth View.

Video from NASA, when available

This Video feed is directly from NASA, not Geochron. Over deep Asia and the South Pacific, the video feed can be interrupted.  Please expect 80% uptime.

True Weather

Watch clouds of all types reach upwards against startling blue stretches of ocean, or brown and green topography.

150 x 200 Miles

The camera field is about 200 miles horizontal, and 150 miles vertical, streamed by a Nikon D4 in a temperature controlled enclosure. The ISS video stream can be displayed in three sizes on your Geochron.

See Cities, Lightning, and Space Machinery… at night

Every 45 minutes, the ISS camera moves through twilight, but the ISS spacecraft itself remains in sunlight for 7 minutes more. Above you can see solar panels swinging into position as human lights below blanket the darkness.


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