On March 25th, 2020 Geochron temporarily closed its mechanical clock shop in accordance with regulations on social distancing from the State of Oregon. It’s a tight fit in our shop, and we just couldn’t keep far enough away from each other. Although “manufacturing” is exempted at the time of this writing, we all felt that going home was the safest option.

If you have a clock with us, it’s safe. If you have shipped a clock to us, request that UPS hold the clock until we open, or let us know and we’ll tell them too. We hope to open the mechanical shop and resume production and restorations as soon as possible. We like our jobs.

Support and development for our Geochron Digital products continue from several home offices.

We are still attentive to you by responding to email and voicemail:

Geochron Mechanical:
Phone: 800-342-1661, option 1
Email: sales@geochron.com

Geochron Digital:
Phone: 800-342-1661, option 2
Email: support@geochron.com


Patrick in Portland, Oregon
Head Wrangler

A little quiet for now.
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