Alternative to for Mac, others

To create a bootable drive, Rufus works great to Windows, but what about the others?  Many of our owners for Linux or MAC enjoy the simplicity of Balenaa   It also has a version windows, if you don’t like Rufus.  In … Continue Reading

Privacy Policy

Geochron does not sell or give anyone information on customers, or marketing contact information.   We only use it to communicate with people, via email, who like what we build here: the Geochron. Thanks for checking us out!   Patrick, … Continue Reading

FAQ for Geochron Atlas

How is this different from previous versions of Geochron Digital?The Geochron Atlas has a Version 2 software platform, with all the features of any Version 2 device. Geochron Atlas is a more powerful hardware platform with 4x faster refresh rates, … Continue Reading

A Guide to Stunning Product Photography

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Version 2 remote update program status

Geochron Digital Version 2’s performance and features are a dramatic improvement over Version 1 – and we wanted everyone to have it through three different upgrade paths:  Do-it-yourself for free. Get a bootable thumbdrive from us Send it in for … Continue Reading

Out of Stock retail alternates

Our Dealers in Canada and the USA are currently out of stock.  Please sign up for our waitlist to get notified when it returns, and get a 15% discount via email! Geochron Digitals are available from our dealers in the … Continue Reading

Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.

Oscar Wilde

Satellite Tracking

When it’s connected to the internet, your Geochron Digital polls our servers as much as four times per minute to pull data down like Live Layers, system operations, and Satellite position. At the same time, our servers are collecting that … Continue Reading