FAQ for Geochron Atlas

Can Geochron Atlas be USB powered?
The quick answer is no. The Intel quad-core processor in the Geochron Atlas needs 3 amps of power to operate, and a typical USB port is not enough. USB 3.0 (fast charging) ports can output up to 5 amps, but fewif any – displays/TVs have this type of USB port.

If you plug the Geochron Atlas in to a common USB port, it will burn out the port and possibly damage the Geochron Atlas. Use the included power supply.
How is this different from previous versions of Geochron Digital?
The Geochron Atlas has a Version 2 software platform, with all the features of any Version 2 device. Geochron Atlas is a more powerful hardware platform with 4x faster refresh rates, more capable WiFi functionality, a quad-core Intel processor, and much faster menu operation. The hardware platform is specifically designed in the USA to be a digital display computer that you might see in a restaurant or airport.

Because it is a more powerful hardware platform than previous hardware versions, Geochron Atlas will be able to operate future updates that may not work on earlier versions.
Why is the HDMI cord only 6″ long? How do you mount this?
The Geochron Atlas is designed to hang from your TV’s HDMI port using the included male-to-female HDMI cord. The remote control is radio frequency (RF), so the signal will pass through the TV. An HDMI male-to-female extension cable can be used to increase the distance to the TV’s HDMI port, but this extension cable is not provided.

The Geochron Atlas can be mounted wherever you like, with one exception: Do not tape or glue it to the back of your TV. The Geochron Atlas is a fanless computer, and the concentric ridges on the composite case are designed to shed heat. If it is taped or glued to something that is already warm (like a TV), it may overheat. It is OK to place it on a smooth surface, like a table.

How does the power button work? How do I turn it off?
The Geochron Atlas automatically powers up to the Geochron map when it is plugged in, or when the ON button is pressed.

To truly turn the Geochron Atlas off, press the Atlas’s POWER BUTTON again, or use the power button on the remote and select “SHUTDOWN DEVICE”.

To turn off the display, use the power button on the remote and select “SLEEP”. Press the power button on the remote again, and the screen will wake up.

Pro tip: The remote control for your TV does not actually turn the TV off, otherwise how would the TV receive a signal to turn it on? TV remotes only turn off the screen, not the TV.

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