A Timepiece. A Masterpiece.

The Geochron continues to the Gold Standard for any ham shack.

Geochron Ham Radio Edition (Legacy. No longer available.)

The Geochron is the only mechanical clock ever made showing the Grey Line in real time. A mark of distinction in ham radio shacks around the world, the Ham Radio Edition has been updated with a luminous map with details important to Ham radio operators on the richest mapset ever seen in a Geochron, since 1964.

Prior to the 90’s and the advent of the Internet, the only way to know where the Grey Line was with a Geochron. Now, Geochron introduces a mechanically and graphically updated version of the Standard Geochron first available in 1964.

Create your own Ham Radio Geochron

Combination Mapsets

Your geopolitical maps turn into a topographical view from space, overnight. Learn more about mapsets…

Premium Mapsets

Behold a more brilliant and detailed premium map, showing the mountains of the deep ocean and more.  Learn more here..

Dura Drive

Every clock since 2016 has been built around the most durable Geochron drive system ever. Learn more…

Dimmable LED Lighting

Adjust your clock’s lighting to the room by remote control with dimmable LED Bulbs, and add a Sunlit Analemma. Learn more…

Explore Panels

Real Wood Walnut, or Satin Stainless? Many different options to match your décor.  See your custom build online by starting with our models.

Custom Built

With seven mapsets available, two lighting systems, and custom panel configurations, each clock is custom.  Learn more…

The Geochron Ham Radio Edition has specific design improvements for ham radio use:

  1. DX and International Prefixes: In addition to the time zones found on every Geochron, we’ve added prefixes and country codes to the forefront of the mapset in luminescent white. Time zones are in grey. The mapset also includes,
    1. Country names and borders
    2. Equatorial, latitude & longitude, and tropic points of reference.
    3. Major topographical features
    4. The Grey Line against a Mercator projection.
    5. The Month, Day, and hour of every time zone on earth, including Zulu time.
    6. The Analemma, showing the sun’s position at relative noon.
  2. Compact Fluorescent Lighting: This Geochron uses only CFL lighting system, and is a bit softer in appearance than our standard LED Lighting system that emits measurable QRM at 7 mhz.
  3. Premium Quality Mapset: For the first time in any Geochron World Clock, we’re using a special photographic print process (Lambda) to create our six foot long mapset. This analogical process is specifically for backlit photographic media, and the colors appear richer than the traditional offset print process.

DX Engineering and Geochron

DX Engineering distributes the DX Ham Radio Geochron in a Black Vinyl Goatskin panel, our most affordable Ham Radio Clock and can be purchased directly from DX Engineering.  All other panel configurations with a Ham Radio Mapset are available here at geochron.com.  All clocks are made in our shop in Portland, Oregon.

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