Frequently Asked Questions

Is there support for Geochron Digital Version 1?

Yes, but no new features will be added. Satellite weather is only available on Version 2.  We’d highly recommend updating your GD4K Version 1 to the latest version of Version 1 (2019.02.11-14.06.07) through Menu (☰) / System / Update, while connected to the Internet.

Do I HAVE to upgrade to Version 2?

No. Geochron will continue to support Version 1 and its online resources will remain active, but you’ll miss all the new features and significant performance improvements in Version 2

Can I get satellite weather without updating?

Sorry, no. Satellite weather required a complete rewrite of the Geochron program, and a new operating system. The little hamsters in your GD4K V1 needed a better wheel to run on.

Will there by future updates to Version 2?

Yes. With Version 2, there is plenty of space to add new features. Our customers have offered many suggestions, and we are looking forward to adding:

  • Amateur Radio-specific data overlays, and import contest logs.
  • Flight and Asset tracking
  • An accompanying smart phone app
  • Live atmospheric and terrestrial events, like lightning and earthquakes.
  • Regional weather with doppler coverage.

Is Atlas better than Version 2?

Yes. The Atlas platform has a faster processor and more memory, so the operation is faster by up to 100%. If you spend any time in the menu, you’ll notice the difference right away.

Also, upcoming Live Layers and software improvements will be optimized for the Atlas. If we can make them backwards compatible for Version 2, we will, but eventually Version 2 will no longer receive improvements.

How do I know if I have a Version 1?

You have a GD4K Version 1 if:

  • You purchased your Geochron Digital before April 22nd, 2019
  • Your menu does not have an Internet or Help tab.
  • Your GD4K does not have a Weather section under the Live tab.
  • Your System tab shows a software version of 2019.02.11-14.06.07 (that’s February 11th, 2019) or older. A Version 2 GD4K will clearly say “Software Version: 2.xx.xx.xx”

Is there another option to upgrade to Version 2?

Geochron supported a downloadable upgrade to Version 2 for several months after its release.  In some cases, the upgrade process locked up the Geochron Digital.  Now all upgrades are completed and verified by our technicians at the shop.

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