Here’s a quick breakdown, with more details below:

If you own a Geochron Digital that was purchased before 01/2020, all the features with Live Layers that you have now will continue to be supported by our servers.

If your Geochron Digital is Version 2 (check Menu / System / Version), we are working on an update to the same software platform shared with our Atlas computers. New layers for Atlas will also be available for Geochron Digital Version 2 devices, once the update is completed.

If your Geochron Digital Version is less than Version 2, you’ll continue to enjoy the features you have, but there will be no new features. You can still update your Geochron Digital Version 1 by sending it to us.

Lastly, if you are the original owner of the first issue of Geochron Digitals with an “X5” on the front, please contact us directly.

The world of technology is constantly changing, and we do our best to make our work compatible with previous generations of the Geochron Digital. It can be confusing, so don’t be afraid to call us at 800-342-1661 with questions.

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