Our previous computer became unavailable in September 2019, and Stratus is another hardware platform.  The delay has been caused by a small accessory we are waiting for to complete the kit. 

What is the difference between Version 2 and Version 2 Stratus (that we’re working on)?  The quick answer is: not much.   The program, display, performance, and future updates are the same. 

Our Dealers in Canada and the USA are currently out of stock.  Please sign up for our waitlist for expected availability as soon as December 21st, and get a 15% discount via email!  

stratus explainer video
Stratus explainer video

Geochron Digitals available from our dealers in the EU:

Difona: Geochron Digital Version 2

WiMo: Geochron Digital Version 2


If you want to take a deep dive on the difference between Version 2 and Version 2 stratus, watch this handy 2 minute video.

If you have any questions, find us at support@geochron.com


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