Ham Radio Geochron Inteference

A Ham  Radio operator’s review of interference on the Mechcanical Geochron with Dura Drive (after 2016).

10′ away from the Operating Station:

Basically, I can pick up the interference on a portable shortwave band radio with the antenna close to the unit…it appears that the switching power supply is emitting RF from the output cabling. Since my clock is more than 10 feet away from my operating station, the signal dies out and is not interfering at my operating site. My suggestion is to put clamp-on toroids on the output from the power supply to dampen the effect. 

Try this: Noise Filter Cable Ring, VSKEY [10 pcs] Anti-interference Noise Filters Ferrite Core Choke Clip For Telephones

Example of what I am talking about – below is a retail description for something that would be easy and cheap to add to the output lines from the power supply  – just clamp one or two on each line – this will keep your output cabling from behaving like an RF antenna.  You can test the effect by getting an AM radio (better would be a battery operated portable radio with SW band) and bring the antenna near a powered clock unit – tune to where you find what sounds like interference – turn off the clock – if the “squeal” goes away it was interference – add a clamp to each power supply output line. Rinse – repeat. After clamping, make a chart of how far away you can detect the noise when power is on – the clamps should make the distance shorter and shorter – ie. you must be right on top of it to pick up any interference. That is info that could be published in a technical brief.

Mounted Directly over the Operation Station:

For those people who have their clock mounted on the wall right above their Ham station hardware, this power supply situation would be a killer when operating HF bands. Again, RF “clamping” the output will help and maybe even eliminate the issue totally. 





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