Geochron Digital FAQ

We’re working on a full support section, but here’s answers to questions people have had: 



FAQ’s for Geochron Digital

  1. How do I know if I have a 4k resolution TV?
    1. The Geochron Digital 4k UHD looks best on TV’s that have a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. These monitors are referred to as 4k, UHD, Ultra HD, or HDR.  For older 1080p or 1080i TV’s, we have included a Geopolitical Low Resolution Mapset that is legible at lower resolutions.  If your TV is older, it’s probably not 4k.  (
  2. Why isn’t this an APP on my Smart TV?
    1. Smart TV’s stream movies just fine, but they don’t render new images very quickly.  The Geochron could be streamed, but all the user’s location pins… basically anything that’s configurable would be left out.    We tried several Smart TV’s, and they couldn’t generate the moving Geochron fast enough in 4k.  The output was not appealing.
  3. How does the Geochron Digital 4k UHD update?
    1. Small mini-computer that displays the Geochron has wifi and ethernet capability. When enabled to your home or work network, the computer will occasionally connect with our server and check for updates as they are available.  You can manually check for updates via the Setup tab in the on-screen menu.
  4. Do I need a keyboard or mouse to operate the Geochron Digital 4k UHD?
    1. A paired remote control and mouse are provided with your player.  The remote has all the buttons you’ll need to operate the Geochron Digital 4k UHD, and the mouse will help set up the wifi password on the on-screen keyboard.
  5. How do I install the Geochron Digital 4k UHD?
    1. This installs to your TV the same way a DVD player would – through an HDMI cable (provided), and an open HDMI port on your TV. Plug it in, power on the Geochron, and use your TV’s interface to select that HDMI port.  (Please note: The Geochron will run 24/7, but if your TV has a sleep timer or screensaver it may interfere with the display of the Geochron. 
  6. How do I set the eight Locations Pins
    1. Using the remote in the on-screen menu,
      1. Go to the Location Pins tab.
      2. Use the arrow keys to select the Pin you desire
      3. Once selected, the pin will appear on the Equator, West of Africa.
      4. Use the arrow keys to direct the pin to its final location,
      5. And press OK. Your pin will stay there as the map moves.
  1. Are the Day / Night layers configurable?
    1. Using the provided remote control and through the Menu, the following layers can be set lighter or darker.
      1. Night time zones
      2. Human Civilization Lights
    2. What’s the figure-eight on the middle of the map.
      1. That’s relative position of the  Sun at high-noon throughout the year, called the Analemma. 


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