Geochron Digital 4k Changelog v 1.1 04-26-2018

Release of the Geochron Digital v1.1 brings some new improvements and features compared to the previous v1.0 devices.  Most of these improvements are available by remote internet update to v 1.0 devices.

New Features & Technical Improvements

  • 2 new data visualization layers have been added:
    • Shipping Lanes layer*
      • Shows the density over time of nautical shipping atop of the map of your choice.
    • Air Traffic layer*
      • Shows common long-distance commercial flight paths atop the map of your choice.
    • Improved power-down process:*
      • A power button has been added to the Geochron Digital menu to allow users to safely power-down the device, greatly reducing the risk of power -related malfunctions.
        • On v1.1 devices, the power button will offer to shut the device down for the user.
        • On v1.0 devices, the power button will close Geochron Digital and save user settings to prevent data loss- this will allow the user to power-down from a system menu.
      • Improved device information on the About tab:
        • A simplified overview of Wi-Fi connection details, the Geochron Digital software serial #, and software version information
      • Expanded system update functionality:*
        • More diverse features and improvements can now be loaded onto Geochron Digital units in the future.
      • Changed timing of the ‘Mixed Mode’ map type:*
        • Mixed mode will now change the map type every 30 minutes, instead of the previous interval of 24 hours.
      • Added visible software serial numbers to all v1.1 devices:
        • This will improve our ability to provide technical support for these devices and open the door for future specialized data visualization services to be made available for the Geochron Digital.

Default Configuration Adjustments (First Boot Configuration)

  • Seconds are now displayed on the date & time displays by default.
  • Air traffic is now displayed at 20% opacity by default.
  • Human lights are now displayed at 20% opacity by default.
  • Map type is now set to ‘Mixed Mode’ by default, and will change the map type every 30 minutes.
  • Terminator Line is now set to ‘Soft’ mode by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed date & time not updating to proper time-zone after adjusting the time-zone setting.*
  • Daylight Savings Time feature updated.*
  • Fixed menu not appearing if menu button was pressed too early in loading process*
  • Eliminated instances of unwanted non-Geochron menus appearing and interfering with intended operation*

*Available via remote update for v 1.0 devices.  Connect your device to the internet, and go to Menu / About to download the update.


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