4k UHD v. 1080 HD

Question: Does TV resolution 4k v. 1080 matter?

Answer: Yes.  The Geochron Digital will automatically calibrate to any screen resolution, but it’s built for 4k.   There is a map option for 1080 resolution with larger fonts, but omits most cities and states.  A 1080 screen is not detailed enough to show the information rich maps that we use at Geochron, but a 4k is.  If a 4k screen was an oil painting, and 1080 screen would be a water color.  A Geochron Digital digital displaying on a 1080 screen will maintain all the functionality of the features within a Geochron Digital, like the International Space Station.

However, many owners are very pleased to displayed this on their low-res TV; but nearly all of them make plans for a 4k TV in the near future!

Patrick, the owner of Geochron, says, “I have friends who have asked for a Geochron Digital, and my first question is ‘Do you have 4k TV?  You’re going to be disappointed if it’s 1080 HD, and I don’t want to feel bad about it.”  

For more detailed information about the Geochron Digital, try our Frequently Asked Questions.


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