2018 DST software update

In a mechanical Geochron the mapset and horizon lines are mechanically linked to the local time.   At Daylight Savings Time, owner’s can

  1. Move the clock forward an hour, and read the bottom line of the hour band. This results in the horizon line being off by one hour during DST. 
  2. Leave the clock as-is, and read the top line of the hour band.  The horizon line is correct.

At the turnover to DST this year, digital Geochron took option #1, and jumped ahead by one hour in the digital readout and also in the map.  As a result, the local clock time was right but the horizon line was wrong.

A new update is underway.  It will: 

  • add descriptions of DST and ST on the top hour band. (Further complicating this is that many parts of the world, and even some states, do not practice Daylight Savings Time, so projecting time in outside the user’s time zone requires both rows of hours – DST and ST.
  • Move the map back an hour to the sun’s actual horizon line.

This update expected by 03/21/18, and we’ll send out an email to 4k owner’s notifying you of its availability through the Menu on internet.    


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