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Update me!

If you can see your Geochron Digital and you are connected to the internet, then most issues are resolved by updating the program.  It takes about three minutes.

See our changelog for a list of issues resolved by recent updates.

Are there new layers coming? I have a suggestion.

We always love to hear how you’d like to see the Geochron Digital improved! Feature requests are one of the main ways that we determine the direction of the Geochron Digital’s development, so we really appreciate any recommendations you might have. Feel free to send any and all recommendations to [email protected], and we’ll give it a look!

We also have an API in the works that will let you create your own layers and display them on your Geochron, and potentially share with others as well! If you’d like to get involved with that, shoot us an email at [email protected].

My remote isn’t working, or is inconsistent.

If the arrow keys on your remote are moving a mouse cursor around the screen instead of directly navigating between menu elements, then your remote is in cursor mode. To switch back into Normal Mode from Cursor Mode, press the button in the top right of your remote that looks like a mouse cursor with lines coming off of it.

If you have the same issues in Normal Mode, try moving the remote’s USB dongle into the other USB port.

If none of the above helps, and the remote isn’t able to control the Geochron at all, then it’s possible that the remote has come unpaired from the USB remote dongle. Here’s how to re-pair your remote.

My remote was lost or destroyed.

You can purchase replacement remotes here.

How do updates work?

To update to the newest version of the Geochron software, you first need to be connected to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. If you’re connected, navigate to the System tab of the menu and press the Download System Updates button. This will download, apply, and then install the update, restarting as needed automatically. Please don’t remove power during this time!

After the Geochron has restarted, you’ll be on the newest version!

My Geochron Atlas isn’t turning on or isn’t displaying

First, check that the Geochron Atlas’ power LED is blue. If the LED is red, press the power button on the Geochron Atlas. If the LED is off entirely, check if the power cable is plugged into the Atlas correctly.

If the LED is blue but nothing is displaying on your TV or monitor, make sure that you have selected the same HDMI input on your TV or monitor that the Geochron Atlas is plugged into. If everything seems to be plugged in and selected correctly, try unplugging power from the Geochron Atlas and plugging it back in.

If none of the above works, contact us directly and we’ll help troubleshoot!

I have a 4k TV, but it looks blurry.

There are two answers for this one.

Answer 1: Make sure you turn on your TV before the Geochron Digital.  Otherwise, the Geochron Digital will display in 1080 HD by default, and it won’t look as good on your 4k TV.

Answer 2: If you are a Geochron mechanical owner, you may notice that the smallest fonts are clearer on your mechanical clock.  That’s because printed maps have greater resolution than any screen would.  A rough comparison: 50″ UHD TV has 5,500 pixels(dots) per square inch v. offset print mapset has 90,000 dots per square inch.  The human eye can see up to 28,000 dots per square inch.  

Does 4k TV size matter?

If displayed in an office setting where viewers might stand only a few feet from the screen, the smaller screen will have better resolution. If in a public space where viewers might stand 10′ or more from the screen, a larger screen will work better. 

We’ve seen the Geochron Digital on 4k screens of many sizes, and they all have the same number of pixels: 3840 x 2160.  A larger 4k TV will increase the SIZE of the pixels, but not the NUMBER of pixels.  If this were a stained glass window, a larger window would not have any more pieces of glass, just bigger ones. As a general rule, the smaller the 4k screen the more CRISP the 4k display will appear.  The larger screen will be more legible at a distance.

My Terminator Line is disappearing occasionally

A disappearing Terminator Line is an indication that your Geochron 4K is getting overloaded. Here are four things you can do to help:
1. Reduce the number of live layers that are showing.
2. At Menu > Live > Satellites, turn off “Show Future” for satellites. Also turn off “Show Future” for the HST and ISS live layers.
3. Update your unit to at least at Menu > Settings > Download System Update.
4. At Menu > Settings > “Unlimited Layer Downloads”, turn it OFF. This will keep the Atlas from downloading and processing layers that are not currently active, and improve its performance.

None of these helped me, or I have a different problem than is listed here.

We’re happy to help! Email us at [email protected], or give us a call at (800) 342-1661. For our hours and other information, check out this link: Contact Us.

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