Topographical Limited Edition Geochron

Limited Black Trim head on

The Geochron Topographical Limited Edition

The picture above is our first new clock in 50 years: the Geochron Topographical Limited Edition.  Instead of a geopolitical projection, this is the Earth as it actually is: in a view from space, and adding the subtler dimensions of contours beneath the oceans. The Geochron Topographical map is printed on the same super-high quality lithographic offset printer, and it has all the features of our other clock: Night/Day termination line, calendar band, minute dial, time zones, and something new inside the clock….IMG_20151005_154944897_HDR

The Topographical Limited Edition has features that you won’t find on any other Geochron,

  • An Energized Sun on the Analemma
    For 50 years, the relative position of the Sun has been a black dot… but shouldn’t it be a glowing yellow?  You can see it in the very center of map.   This idea came from our friend… Bill Nye the Science Guy!  Check out his Geochron here!
  • Laser Etched Serialization
    Instead of a brass plaque, we’ve laser-etched the Geochron nameplate with the serialization of your clock.  Pretty cool.  You can see a closeup of the etching in the lower right corner of the Panel here.
  • There are only 25
    This Limited Edition is the best of all the clocks we make, designed and handmade by the four Etching_Closeup
    craftsmen left in the world who build the Geochron here in Portland, Oregon.

This limited edition clock is sold out, as of 07/25/2016.