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The Boardroom – Technology & Luxury For The Office

The functionality of the Boardroom model is similar to the Original Kilburg, but with every option included.  This is simply our finest clock in regular production.  The front panel is a choice of seven natural wood veneers, but unlike the Original Kilburg model, the Boardroom model has a customized molding design (see image to the left) as opposed to a flat edge. This adds to the overall size of the model (widening it by approximately two inches in width and two inches in height) and presents a much more artistic style.

All Boardrooms come standard with Dura Drive, the Dimmable LED Lighting System, and Sunlit LED Analemma.

All Geochrons, including the Boardroom, are made-to-order with a Premium Geopolitical, or  Topographical mapset.

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To help accent the panel, the Boardroom model is designed to be Flush Mounted.  Flush Mount kit included.  With a flush mounted unit, only the front panel is shown.

Size: The Boardroom is 36 1/4″ Width x 24 3/8″ Height x 5″ Depth



The Boardroom Geochron Panel and Trim options