The Original Kilburg

The Original Kilburg with Vinyl, Wood, Stainless, or Anodized paneling.

The Kilburg Geochron is our most popular model, because of the many frame options to match your decor.  See examples of all Panel options below.

  • Vinyl Panel, in Black Goatskin, Designer Oak, Hayward Cherry, Boston Cherry, and Russian Maple.The Original KilburgTopographical Anodized Bronze-silver
  • Anodized Aluminum Finish Panel in Black, Gold, Satin or Bronze (+ $500)
  • Stainless Steel in Polished or Brushed (prices vary)
  • Real Wood in Honey Oak, Black Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Hayward Cherry, Hickory, Alder, or Moderne White (+ $700)

All Kilburg Geochrons, excluding vinyl panels, are made-to-order with a Geopolitical or Topographical mapset and LED Lighting System.  For a more premium clock look at our Boardroom model, or add a Sunlit Analemma or Dimmable LEDs with a remote control during checkout.

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The Original Kilburg model includes a minute hand, which allows the user to tell time more accurately – to the exact minute after the hour.  Includes the new LED Lighting System.

Size: The Original Kilburg is 34 1/4″ Width x 22 3/8″ Height x 5″ Depth

from $1,995.00   Order Below!


Topographical mapset panel and trim examples

Geopolitical mapset panel and trim examples