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When we saw this custom Live Edge built in July of 2016, our owner Patrick said, “This may be the most beautiful Geochron I’ve ever seen.   Can I have it for my house?”

“It’s going to Texas,” our shop manager said.

Patrick paused… for a long time.  “Ok,” he sighed.  “Lucky…”

This Live Edge is made from hand-selected Oregon Walnut from a salvaged tree an hour from our shop in ScreenshotWillamette Valley.  Available in Geopolitical or Topographical Mapsets, and in almost any species of wood that’s available, the features of the Live Edge model are identical to the Original Kilburg or Boardroom.  The map size is identical, it has a minute analog dial in the top right hand corner and the light pattern changes in accordance to the date.  All Live Edge Series Geochrons include the LED Lighting System, and a Sunlit LED Analemma.

Other hand-selected wood options: Juniper, Myrtle, White Oak, Ironwood, Salvaged… If we can get it, we’ll make it!  Do YOU have a special piece of wood that you want on a Live Edge Geochron?


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A little history on the wood…….

Oregon walnut was brought over from England so it is not a native species. The trees were planted in orchards and yards.  Many of these trees planted in the Pacific Northwest by early immigrants have been subjected to a spreading disease called Thousand Cankers Disease.  The trees become a hazard and need to be removed from their location due to this disease.  Instead of being destroyed completely they are recycled and turned into pieces of furniture or musical instruments.