Standard v. Premium Mapsets




Standard mapsets were the norm

before 2018, and run on huge multi-color offset printers. Geochron began experimenting with newer printing technology in Limited Edition clocks.  The results were fantastic, but expensive.  

Geochron is now offering a premium mapset for all restorations and non-vinyl clocks.  The premium mapset comes with an updated world map that combines the ocean topography with the land.  Deep blue ocean trenches contrast with the deserts and mountains of our geopolitical map, with greater depth and color than ever before.  

First seen in our Earth Limited Edition,

The Premium mapset has the best features of our Topographical and Geopolitical maps, showing the contours of the Oceans and Geopolitical spectrum of countries  The great mountain ranges of the sea are shown along side the peaks upon the land.   What’s the difference between Premium v. Earth Limited Edition Geochrons?


Premium v Standard banner


Premium Geopolitical,  Topographical, and Combo mapsets are currently available

as an upgrade to all restorations and new clocks with specialty panels (wood, steel, and stainless).  Premium mapsets are standard on Boardroom Geochrons and Live Edge.  They are not available on vinyl panel clocks. 


Pricing on our Premium Mapsets

  •  – for Restorations: +$100, as noted on the Rebuild Form you send with your clock.
  •  – for New Clocks, as noted on their respective product pages.
    • Boardrooms and Live Edge: Included.
    • Stainless, Anodized, and Wood panels: +$150
    • Vinyl Panel: Not included.