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Service in the United States

The same clock makers that build your Geochron are also working on old Geochrons!  Occasionally the Geochron will need a new light bulb, the glass gets cracked, the map is out of date, or the entire unit may need a rebuild.

Warranty Information


Geochron Rebuilds with the new Dura Drive

All of the service work for a Geochron is done here at the factory in Portland, Oregon.   We try to make the process of returning your unit to the factory as easy as possible.  If you do not have the original packaging material you can order one online.  Shipping labels can be provided for both shipping the repair carton system to you and returning the unit to the factory.1-2014-12-26 11.24.40

As of November of 2016, all rebuilds will include the new Dura Drive technology.   The Dura Drive uses modern technology, less power, and effectively doubles the life expectancy of our clock.  Read more about Dura Drive here.

Rebuilding is a full reconstruction, improving the clock to:

  • Current mapsets: topographical or geopolitical.
  • Replacing any and all components to a like-new condition.
  • Front panel and glass refurbishment.
  • Replacing the drive train to the sturdy Dura Drive system.
  • A three year manufacturer’s warranty on drive train, and one year warranty on all else.

For adventurous Do-It-Yourself folks we can send parts, but don’t generally recommend it.  Call us.  800-342-1661Side by side N America copy

All the details on our Rebuild Program can be found here.

LED Lighting System Upgrade

All new Geochrons use an LED Lighting System, and we can upgrade your Geochron to the LED Lighting System  We don’t need the whole clock – just the lighting tracks.  Details on the LED Lighting System can be found here.

Sunlit Analemma UpgradeScreenshot

Instead of a shadow representing the sun’s position on the analemma, rebuilt clocks can be upgraded with a Sunlit LED Analemma, which turns the sun into a bright yellow jewel in the center of the map.  Details on the Sunlit LED Analemma can be found here.

Dimmable LED Lighting System with Remote Control Upgrade, production resuming 04/15/2018.

Set the brightness of the clock to your preference, not just on or off.   Details are here.


Buy Back and Trade in Program – Send it back home.

If you’ve found a Geochron that is in disrepair, we’d love to give it a new life by buying it back.  It’s not a lot of money, but we’ll rebuild it on our dime for a school, a charitable gift, or a factory special.  Want a new clock?   Take a 15% off if we can have your old one.  Details on our Buyback Trade-in Program are here.

International Service

For international service centers, please view our Authorized International Service Centers list.

More Support

Over the course of a Geochron’s life, you may want to switch from a surface mounting on the wall to a flush mounting in your office, or the instructions for setting your Geochron may have been lost, or you may need to replace the bulbs but can’t remember the procedure.   For help with these go to our Support Documents, or call us at 800-342-1661.  We like to talk.