The Geochron World clock for Ham Radio

It’s the best view in any shack for 54 years!


Standard with Black/silver panel

Standard with Black panel

Long-time ham operators know what this is: the first mechanical geographic chronometer ever made.  It’s how they found Grey Line in real time before computers and the Internet.

That’s why the of pinnacle artistic and technical beauty in any ham shack is a Geochron, the original world clock for Ham Radio since 1964.

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For over 50 years, it’s still striking – and featured in the White House Situation Room, NASA, 135 installations in the Pentagon, and – of course – thousands of ham shacks worldwide.    No computers, no circuit boards, and true to its original design, the Geochron is – and always will be – a mechanical master piece of 300 moving parts to create the finest global clock in the world handmade in Portland, Oregon.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon, take a minute to read about the precision craftsmanship that goes into each and every Geochron, and how it could be the centerpiece to your ham layout.

(Insider’s Tip: Here’s an analysis of mechanical Geochron potential interference at a Ham Radio operation station (for clocks with Dura Drive, or post 2016)

(Insider’s Tip: Most of the Geochron’s we’ve made for Ham radio operators are the Standard Model, our most affordable clock.  It’s not listed on our general website, but we do make them.  You can find Geochron Standard here.  Check the top of the page for other options.)





Find the Geochron!

White House Situation Room

White House Situation Room

Ham shack

Ham shack







European Space Agency control room

European Space Agency control room


Willem Angenent

Ham shack








FEMA Control Room

FEMA Control Room with the President


Ham radio control room