Restored Clocks

 What is a restored clock?  It’s new, but for less.

These are Geochron’s that have been restored to new condition.

  • All gearing and motors
  • All panels and maps have been replaced
  • All shades and wiring.

Essentially everything is new.  What’s not new?  The frame.  OKG BGst iso

Restored clocks are built with the Black Goatskin Vinyl Panel and silver trim; but we will change it to any other new “like” panel at no charge.

Every restored clocks comes with the same warranty as a new clock: three years on the motors, and one year on everything else.

Please call with questions, or to order via phone.

CURRENTLY available as of 07/05/2017. :

  • We have ONE completely restored Kilburg Geochron available, with a full Warranty.  Black Vinyl, Silver Trim, Geopolitical Mapset.  Additional options below.   $1,450
      • Shipping to the Lower 48 is included.