Geochron Models

Three Models Available

There are three models of the Geochron World Clock: The Original Kilburg , The Boardroom and The Designer Series.  All of them include the new LED Lighting System.

Mechanically, the models are identical.  The differences are panel finishes and edge detail.

Original Kilburg models feature entry-level vinyl laminate finishes and upgraded contemporary finishes including Stainless Steel, and Anodized.  Also available are real wood veneer panels with a square-edge trim.

Boardroom models are exclusively real wood veneer panels with a custom “picture frame molding”.  They come standard with the flush mount brackets.

Designer Series models have panels that are handmade from locally sourced walnut that has been salvaged from trees in the Willamette Valley, Oregon with acrylic colors that accent the map.

Both Original Kilburg and Boardroom wood panels are meticulously crafted by an accomplished custom cabinet maker.  The Designer Series walnut is handpicked by the designer and then handcrafted.  While we always use the same process and finishes, wood colors naturally vary.  Cherry and Mahogany woods naturally darken with age, particularly with UV exposure.  This is part of the charm and beauty of real wood.

Below you can order your Geochron World Clock directly, and securely, online. Start by selecting which Geochron model you would like to order:

The Original Kilburg. In Vinyl, Wood Veneer, Stainless, or Anodized.

Geochron Original Kilburg

The Boardroom. A larger panel in real wood.

Geochron Boardroom

The Live Edge is our finest Geochron. Solid Wood.