Sunlit LED Analemma

For decades the tracked sun on our analemma was literally a shadow on the map, but when one of our customers asked if his could be glowing yellow like  – you know – The Sun.  “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Standard on all Live Edge and Boardroom clocks, the Sunlit LED Analemma is an add-on for any other Geochron for $75.00, new or rebuilt. We’ve taken an extremely bright diode, and drilled it into the center of the Analemma’s Sun. It has to be bright, because it’s shining behind the diffuser panel and map. As you can see in the video above, the color of the sun changes slightly depending on where the map positioned above the Sunlit LED Analemma.

Below, you can see examples of the Sunlit LED Analemma on Ham, Geopolitical, and Topographical mapsets.


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