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Meticulously handcrafted, the Geochron is a rare fusion of art and science, and the only mechanical geographic chronometer ever made.   From 1962-2007, Geochron was based in Redwood City, CA, supported by machinists and contractors in the San Francisco area (1987 New York Times article).  In a day before the internet, the Geochron was really the only way to represent the Sunrise / Sunset in real time on Earth.  It was a big hit, all the way to White House.  1-2015-02-05 12.19.32

In time the utility of the clock was replaced by computers, but not its beauty and ingenuity.  In 2007, the original Kilburg family retired, and two Geochron enthusiasts moved the shop 500 miles up the Pacific coast to Portland, Oregon.  It was nearly the end of the company because most of the craftsmen stayed in California, and the new company struggled to unlock the many secrets to making this intricate, hand-built clock.

Just as Geochron regained its footing, the Great Recession hit.  It was only the new Owners’ generosity that kept the clock in production.

Today, the Geochron has enjoyed a resurgence among its enthusiasts, and by re-introducing itself to an old friend: Ham Radio operators.   In recent years we’ve updated mapsets, and the clock’s internal drive mechanism with today’s more durable technology.   It’s important to us that the Geochron maintains photogenic analog appearance in a digital world.

The five craftsmen in the world who build Geochrons are here in Portland, Oregon USA, where every clock is handmade.    Between rebuilds and new clocks, we handle about 500 clocks a year.   This is what we know how to do, and we’re grateful that – by your patronage – we can keep doing it!


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