Geochron Digital V2 – Flash Drive Upgrade

Upgrade your Geochron Digital Version 1 to Version 2 by ordering a pre-loaded USB flash drive from us.  By starting your Geochron with the USB flash drive inserted, you’ll be upgraded to Version 2 with all your original settings, plus live weather and a faster interface.

How difficult is this?

  1. Insert our flash drive in any USB port on the Geochron Digital.
  2. Unplug the Geochron Digital, plug it back in, and wait for the blue light to turn off.
  3. Power ON with the red button on the back of the device, and use the back button on the remote to access the BIOS.
  4. Set the BIOS to boot to our flash drive, and press OK.
  5. Wait 7 to 15 minutes, and Presto! Version 2 appears.

Please note: Internet is required while your Version 2 installs.

Get your upgrade flash drive now from Geochron

Video Instructions for Flash Drive Upgrade

Step by Step Instructions

What you’ll need:

  1. Your Geochron Digital and remote control.
  2. A display for your Geochron Digital.
  3. Internet connected to your Geochron Digital.
    1. An existing Wi-Fi connection will do, but…
    2. We recommend a wired “Ethernet” connection.

Set up your Geochron for the update

  1. Make sure you Geochron Digital has POWER and INTERNET, preferably wired.
  2. Insert the USB flash drive on any USB port on your Geochron Digital.
  3. Power ON the Geochron Digital.
  4. PRESS the BACK BUTTON repeatedly on your remote to access the BIOS.

Boot to the flash drive

  1. Enter the blue BIOS screen.
  2. If there is a SAVE prompt, press the back button again to remove that prompt.
  3. Use the arrows on your REMOTE to navigate to the SAVE AND EXIT tab.
  5. Press OK.

Wait 7 to 15 minutes

At this point, a white screen will appear, followed by lines of code. 

You will be entertained by a slide show of stories and pictures to pass the time, and when the program is done loading, your Geochron Version 2 will appear!

Error Screens

(and what they mean)

“Authorization Failed”
Make sure the device is identical to the software serial number you provided.

“Data Corrupt”
There could be problem with you flash drive.  Please contact us., or 800-342-1661

“Internet Required”
Common: Plug in a open, wired internet connection to your device. 
Uncommon: Your device failed to get an IP Address from your network.  Your network has a problem.

“Unknown Error”
Please contact us., or 800-342-1661

“V 1.0 not supported”
This is a very early Geochron device.  Please contact us with your software serial number.  At or 800-342-1661 and we’ll take care of it.

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